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A typical Sunday
at Middle Church

Our Sunday Services start at the following times

January - June 10.00 am

July - December 11.30 am

Our Sunday School and Bible Class also start at the same times as our Sunday Services - More information on them can be found on the "Our Organisations" Page

After the service you can join us for Tea and Coffee


Accessibility Information
Our church has a ramp available for visitors who may need to use it. In the church, we have a hearing loop system in use.

We are currently working on updating our Accessibility Information,
For more information please use our Contact Us page

Duty Squad Rota

1 - 5/5/24, 16/6/24, 28/7/24, 8/9/24

2 - 12/5/24, 23/6/24, 4/8/24, 15/9/24

3 - 19/5/24, 30/6/24, 11/8/24, 22/9/24

4 - 26/5/24, 7/7/24, 18/8/24, 29/9/24

5 - 2/6/24, 14/7/24, 25/8/24, 6/10/24

6 - 9/6/24, 21/7/24, 1/9/24, 13/10/24

History of the Middle

The Congregation was formed in November 1844 and was known as Coatbridge Free Church, located on Coatbridge Main Street in Ronald's Hall, Soon afterwards, a church was erected and was used as a place of worship until 1876. On the last Sunday in June, the church was vacated and moved into their building on Church Street. At the same time, the name was changed to Coatbridge Free Middle Church. During 1941 the church was destroyed by fire, and the congregation moved into the former Drumpellier Church of Scotland Building. This remains to this day the building used as the place of worship by the congregation of the Middle

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